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We do offer a trade in policy but you will not recieve full market value for your horse due to the amount of riding time, remarketing time etc that your horse will have to have to rehome it.   We will be as fair as we can but an even trade is not possible even if you paid/or want more for your horse. 

Health of horses
We guarantee all horses drug-free.   If you feel you would like a vet check we have no problem with that but the cost is on you and the horse needs to be vet check prior to purchas or with-in a 24hr period so it doesn't hender the resale of the horse.   There are many vets around Terrell to choose from
Dr. Arnold
Dr. Holt
Dr Costilla
All horses comes with a negative coggins.  

We do our best to sell you the perfect horse and do several visual checks to ensure the horse you get is everything we claim it to be.    WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY UNFORSEEN ACCIDENTS, BEHAVIOR PROBLEMS OR DEATHS.